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SHOOTER UPDATE: Cassidy Was on Gov'mt's Radar, Too

May 26, 2021 San Jose, CA Shooter Samuel Cassidy. While detained in 2016, he told officials of his angry background. He killed 8 at the San Jose railway shooting. (PBS Newshour, May 27, 2021) His suicide is the same MO of the jihad killings in the Middle East, the same as most mass shootings in the U.S. It is critical that the shooter dies to shut down the trail of evidence to Gov'mt operatives. Americans must demand audits of FBI & Dept of Justice transactions, and others.

Convincing people to adopt mail-in voting is one of three tactics used to steal votes.

A.          Congress has bullshitted Americans on infrastructure for years. Simply put, we cannot borrow enough for infrastructure because it costs too many $trillions to catch up with the infrastructure needs. Payments on the $trillions in borrowing would wipe-out the U.S. tax base and take the U.S. into economic depression. Infrastructure maintenance and new projects are only possible, and less costly, by stopping the illegal $transfer-of-wealth to Wall Street corporations and creating Offices of Infrastructure at the federal, State, and local levels of Gov'mt. Ending the $transfer would minimize the need for borrowing as prior to 1999 as illustrated on page 13 in federal lawsuit 2nd Amended Complaint 3:20cv-298 (below).

B.        Understanding "woke corporations." These are the Wall Street companies & news media benefiting from the $transfer-of-wealth, such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, AT&T, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Disney, Toyota (Yes Toyota, too), Kroger, Costco, CBS & ABC, Etc, Etc. Please observe that they all openly support Gov'mt's corrupted politics, currently the leftist Biden Presidency. Or they must face ending the three antitrust violations that will take away their [Fed]eral Reserve access to cheap money. These illegally cheap Fed dollars, subsidized by ever-higher taxation & Gov'mt debt, is how these companies grow so fast. Hence, you can now see the significance of supporting federal lawsuit 3:20cv-298 (below) for ending the $transfer-of-wealth. Ending the $transfer will end the woke[-ism] conflict-of-interest between Gov'mt and corporations.

          {Woke companies must support Gov'mt corruption or lose their illegal easy money from the Federal Reserve. . . 1) cover-up of the FBI & DoJ that went undercover at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot; 2) the manufactured COVID pandemic; 3) cover-up of widespread cheating in the 2020 elections; 4) critical race theory - CRT; 5) the harassment of law-abiding taxpayers who demand their rights; 6) the movement towards the cashless society (for tracking the movements of everyone); 7) unlawfully buying votes with tax dollars; Etc.}

See other effects of woke[ism] (the $transfer-of-wealth) . . . click here

The new, very bad Kentucky voting law will guarantee confusion and mayhem in the upcoming elections. The Rupublican & Democrat leadership refuse to solve OUR problems.

Why you should be concerned with Amazon: These antitrust violations are causing deterioration of services / finances of the U.S. Postal Service, as well as other programs throughout Gov'mt. They cause the unpayable debt thru constant Fed borrowing and rises in taxes and fees.

Make your point to elected officials by sending them copies of these recommendations and the page 13 attachment.

There are 623 voting precincts in Jeferson County, Kentucky. It averages 1015 votes per precinct for precinct workers to count. This is the security of U.S. voting that must be protected. -- Also, see Biden's quiet COVID foreign policy crisis that's not covered in the Complaint. Americans, bless their hearts, elected a Communist into the White House. He's been fooling people for years.

- Petition-letter included for your convenience -

The Real Reasons Depression & Suicides are UP

NOTE: Pursuant to the solutions proposed on this website, most all crises today are manufactured by Gov'mt. Applying these solutions will reverse the epidemic of mental illness.

          Depression and suicides are increasing because too many Americans are "running away" from their responsibilities of holding Gov'mt officials accountable. Many of you already know that our crises are manufactured and can be resolved (such as legacy medications quickly kills COVID-19 and its variants). Our "inaction" causes "feelings of helplessness" that builds-up stress. -- Youth suicides are respectively up because not enough adults / parents are "getting out in front" to fight for their children. Adult inaction, in-turn, causes hopelessness in kids.

          Stay mindful that Pres. Biden plans to keep America in crisis to keep you dependent on Gov'mt, including thru ever higher debt. Another example: For your $1400 "hush money" (stimulus $check) he opens-up the flood gate of illegal immigration for more stress. It is criminal of him to knowingly bring-in more COVID from across the border. -- D.Cobble

Click here: Federal Reserve transfer-of-wealth as Figures 1 & 2 in lawsuit (PDF).


The $transfer-of-wealth is fleecing us all (Elon Musk earned $160 billion thru Wall Street from March 2020 - January 2021 - Forbes Magazine). Stopping the three policies that causes this $transfer is the only way to save America from the looming economic depression; the same conditions of the 1933 Great Depression. We have to vote-out all politicians that support these policies (see Fed. Case 3:20cv-298, pg. 15).

Myth: Higher interest rates lead to higher national debt payments. This is patently FALSE. The TRUTH: A higher prime interest rate leads to much lower debt payments because then Gov'mt borrows much less from the Fed. This is due to higher rates keeping dollars within the U.S. ecomony and attracts dollars from overseas. The increased economic activity raises substantially higher tax revenues so that less borrowing is required.

Cobble on the Environment

          In Chapter One of Cobble's book, Transactional Migration for U.S. Employers, he introduces the Carbon Circulartory Redirection Program (CCRP). CCRP redirects man-generated carbon back into the earth in very practical ways. Such as making all packaging materials returnable to manufacturers for reuse based on a consumer $deposit system. And giant glass / transparent atriums covering factory smoke stacks with surrounding agriculture absorbing the carbon (based on the principles of "hyroponics"). There are many more examples. CCRP diminishes carbon emissions while allowing the continued use of fossil fuels until the "green economy" develops.

- How did the authorities approve no-knock warrants as constitutional?

- Covering-up conspiracy is the wider danger to public safety.

Below is the FBI criminal complaint against the federal judge trying to dismiss the COVID-19 lawsuit. See "NOTE" referring to the safety of our children returning to childcare centers and schools.


          May 30, 2020. Rapper Lil Wayne is correct to suggest “we the people” are indirectly the blame for the police killings such as George Floyd in Minneapolis (and Breonna Taylor in Louisville). Most of us are not taking the opportunities to help improve policies that can prevent tragedies and disasters, even though it is our taxes that pay for Gov'mt. So ultimately, it is we ourselves who "are Gov'mt," and thus responsible for Gov'mt. - To solve our problems, we must face this difficult truth (and work), to partake in Gov'mt just as we set aside time for entertainment, sports, night-clubbing, weekend outings, etc., etc. - Politicians continuing of pacify citizens out of participation "won't get the job done."       

          A new mayor in Ferguson, Missouri. A glaring case-in-point is the recent election of Mayor Ella Jones in Ferguson, the first African American mayor there. Yet incredible as it may seem, the potential for electing a black mayor was always in Ferguson, i.e., for the “whole citizenry” to get involved. But it took a cop to murder Michael Brown for black residents to throw-off their fears. They could no longer run from Gov’mt BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES ARE THE GOV’MT in a democracy. –– In going forward, the cop-murdered Michael BrownS, George FloydS, and Breonna TaylorS will be prevented if we as the whole citizenry will get involved in how policies are made at the local, State, and federal levels; not only on police tactics, but all areas of Gov’mt. Citizens can organize themselves into groups assigned to watch/track and report-on (publicize) the particular areas of Gov’mt. Ferguson proves you don’t know what you can do until you at-first try.

          On June 1, 2020, this truth was also spoken by bestselling Author & Historian Yuval Noah Harari on NHK News. He stated that our responses force corrections in Gov'mt policies. On June 3, NHK News re-broadcasted Harari's interview. He stressed that to save Western democracies, citizens must stop fearing and running from Gov'mt to become involved in shaping policies.

          A "rule of thumb" is Gov'mt generally doesn't do the right thing unless prompted by the people.

This lawsuit is another opportunity to make everyone safer.

White Paper on Cause of Bacteria Pathogen Outbreaks

        On Feb. 7, 2019, I introduced my declared white paper to the Louisville Metro Council on the cause of the continuing bacteria pathogen outbreaks in Kenucky and around the nation. The document explains how protective rubber and plastic gloves create three points-of-contamination when handling food, patients in healthcare, and even during janitorial work.