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Operation: Service-member Wellness Maintenance - A SUMMARY

From August 2012 thru September 2013, Daniel Cobble has been designing the logistical outlays for Operation: Service-member (SM) Wellness Maintenance (OSWM). OSWM makes-up two programs called the Service-members Stressors Identification & Management Program (SSIMP) and the Service-members Stress & Anxiety Reduction Program (SSARP). Sept. 11, 2013 was Cobble's 4th and final installment of OSWM submitted to the U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (USAMRMC) at Fort Detrick, MD.

SSIMP would assist SMs and their Spouses in identifying and managing their stressors. The program is based on the fundamental medical premise that all “psychological crisis” begins with a stressor. And therefore, it makes sense to begin with stressors management. -- All SMs and their Spouses within the four service branches would participate in SSIMP. (Dependant minors would participate when their issues are reported by Spouses during SSIMP’s routine vetting process, and at any other time when an issue arises.)

On the other hand, SSARP would utilize a process called "inflectional therapy" (IT) to care-for SMs afflicted by memory trauma and grief. IT is a holistic, non-medical process that actually cures PTSD and cyclical mental depression. Cobble's 2002 cursory study on IT was also submitted to USAMRMC (in 2012). -- OSWM's "in-unit" vetting process (SSIMP) also protects against sexual assaults & harassment.

Because SSIMP and SSARP would operate inside the actual military unitsOSWM's total estimated annual budgeted cost for all four service-branches is only $1.26 billion per year (a mere fraction of current SM care costing many $ billions each year). This very low cost is due to no construction of buildings required, no special equipment to purchase, and no  doctors or medications needed. The costs mainly comprise the annual salaries of the OSWM military corp (Approx. 35,000 personnel, based on a 1.4 million-SM military. Originally calculated at $1.8 billion for 2 million-SM military).

As shown below, one of the strategies of Wellness Maintenance is to be embedded within the actual units where the SMs are, including forward deployed units. This would minimize worsening memory trauma & grief that leads to PTSD and cyclical depression, in addition to ending the epidemic of sexual assaults/harassment and harassment. -- Wherefore, Wellness Maintenance would provide on-site “preventive maintenance” (SSIMP) as well as to “repair” (SSARP) SMs and their families, as needed.

NOTE: Cobble assesses OSWM as ideal for the co-ed military (male & female), for lowering the natural tensions and stresses that can build between the two sexes. SSIMP and SSARP help SMs to identify and manage these tensions through routine, in-unit vetting. Again, OSWM personnel would follow SMs to whatever theater they may find themselves.

Furthermore, both SSIMP and SSARP have program "components" that helps the SM to develop "self-awareness" by assisting in clearing-out the "cob webs" in his/her head. Self-awareness, in-turn, is key to developing maturity; and maturity leads to a calmer, “more deliberate” soldier. – This applies to young soldiers, as well as the older soldier who still has some maturing to do.

OSWM is easily structured for Veterans.

If you would like to ensure OSWM gets implemented for our service-members and Veterans, then please contact your Congressmen (attach a copy of the brochure to your letters).



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Daniel Cobble is an 8-year navy Veteran, who served in the 1990 Gulf War.