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INDEX: Racketeering Scheme in Jefferson County Courts (Louisville, KY)
Cobble is an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) and witness for Connie Marshall's Case, 12-F-00723. But he could not appear in court as witness on April 9, 2013, because he is barred from the courthouse, an outright violation of law. Ms. Marshall is a victim of 12-F-00723, the court racket as described in Grandfather Thomas Reed's two Complaints (below).  
Judge Sean Delahanty refuses to dismiss Ms. Marshall's case; he falsely says the LMPD (Louisville Metro Police Dept.) citation is the "Complaint." (The video record of Delahanty's wild statement is missing from the court record) To the contrary, the "Complaint" must be signed in court by the "representative" of the Commonwealth (County Attorney or Commonwealth Attorney), the authority/party prosecuting the case (see RCr 2.02).

Judge Eckerle is committing fraud and obstruction-of-justice for intentionally refusing to carry-out the administrative procedures of processing Cobble's liens. Denying due process of law. Cobble's Complaint to the Judicial Ethics Commission will ask that she be removed from the bench.
RCr 2.02 is the specification for initiating criminal cases in Kentucky, the Complaint. The racket in Jefferson County is where county attorneys and court clerks are starting cases without sworn Complaints before a judge.
When filing a Notice of Appearance, the court clerk places the case on the court-docket as a matter of procedure. If the party filing the Notice is doing something wrong, then the judge addresses it in court. But this Notice of Appearance for Monday April 15 was not placed on the docket, and Cobble was prevented from entering the courthouse on that day. Thus far, Cobble has not been allowed to see Judge Eckerle in court on his several cases.
Chief Judge Audra Eckerle refuses to see Cobble in court due to his lien certifications from the KY Secretary of State. The Certifications require her to honor the liens.
Thomas Reed's Complaint to Jefferson County Sheriff John Aubrey identifies systemic racketeering in the Jefferson Co. courts that has apparently destroyed so many lives. It's also clear that Sheriff Aubrey is facilitating the racket.
This lien has been in the state court since Dec. 2010. Judge Eckerle will not allow Cobble to speak before the court and refuses to process the lien.
"The order is only for escorting me through the courthouse, but sheriff deputies are preventing me from entering the courthouse, so I cannot tend my official business. My Mar. 18, 2013 pleading shown is a reference from Eckerle's order. As you can see, my comments do not warrant security from the court."
A copy of Reed's Complaint to Sheriff Aubrey is also attached to his Complaint to the KY Judicial Conduct Commission in Louisville; against Judge Donald Armstrong, Jr., of Jefferson County District Court. This is truly a shameful mess.
Judge Eckerle has Cobble at a disadvantage by preventing him from appearing in court (even before the barring). Her Mar. 20, 2013 order is illegal and ineffective, because the court cannot remove a valid lien from the Sec. of State's Registry record. Hence, the three Mar. 27, 2013 SoS Certificates shown verify the liens are valid and remain in the Registry record.
Certification of a lien makes a court's order a "liar" and ineffective, since the lien still remains before the court until it is ratified (approved) or removed by jury trial. A court's refusal to ratify a valid lien is a fraud and violation of due process, a criminal act by the judge.
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